Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Divorce

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Divorce

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Divorce

Divorce Statistics

In America alone, between 40% and 50% of all marriages will end in divorce. It is a sad statistic, but it’s one that is true. Marriage is a union that takes patience and work every day, and for many people, they find that as time goes on, they grow apart. Divorcing is not a bad thing, nor is it the end of the world. Divorces happen because it’s what’s best for both parties involved, and it allows for both parties to start new lives and move on to better things.

When going through a divorce, the help of a divorce lawyer is something many people seek. Divorce lawyers are able to give their clients a positive experience and work to lessen the stress the divorce is putting on their client. By having an experienced and caring divorce lawyer, you can expect to have a calm divorce, and you can know that life after your divorce will be calm as well.

Why You Should Have a Lawyer

When going through the divorce process, a lot can happen. Forms need to be filed, hearings need to be attended, evidence needs to be collected, and so much more. Many groups advocate getting a lawyer when going through a divorce for a variety of reasons, some of which include:

Divorces are Stressful: The sheer amount of time that needs to be spent in many divorce cases is staggering. When trying to go to work, deal with kids, attend social functions, run errands, and add doing everything for your divorce on top of that, divorce can cause an unhealthy amount of stress to be added to your day.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your DivorceAllowing a professional to take over your case and spend the appropriate time building your case so that you can focus on the other important aspects of your life is something that many people will gladly allow, and they will be grateful for the time they’ll have to focus on other aspects of their life.

If your spouse has a lawyer, you should have one too: If your spouse has hired a lawyer, you should hire one too. Trying to fight against a lawyer who knows the law and all that goes on in divorces will more than likely cause you to lose out when it comes to negotiations, leaving you with less than you deserve. By having a divorce lawyer on your side, you can make sure negotiations and other meetings are fair and that you won’t be cheated out of what you deserve.

Lawyers can help make sure things are equal: In the same vein as above, by having lawyers work for you and your spouse, you can expect to have as fair a case as possible. Lawyers are able to divide your assets and everything else you will need to divide as fairly as they can, which will make your divorce significantly easier and less stressful.

Divorce Lawyers in Texas

Going through a divorce is always a hard experience. Not knowing what the future will hold for you during and immediately following your divorce is something that can be hard to face, so by having a good divorce lawyer on your side, you can get through this experience with the least amount of stress as possible. At DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC, we can provide you the help and guidance you need in this time, and give you the experienced lawyer you’ll need to finish your divorce quickly and fairly. Call us today to set up an appointment at (832) – 767 – 3568.

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