Why Brake Lights are Needed

Why Brake Lights are Needed

Why Brake Lights are Needed

The Brake Light’s History

There are many important parts of our vehicles, all of which provide many different functions. When it comes to our safety, we have features like seatbelts, airbags, and sensors on our vehicles that help us to avoid accidents and injuries. Another feature that provides us with incredible safety, though is not thought about in the regard of safety, is the brake light. Brake lights are incredibly important with keeping us safe on the road, and so when these lights do not work as they should, we can end up with serious injuries that will affect us negatively as we drive.

Brake lights were first introduced to the automotive world as early as 1905, and after many years, their participation in vehicle design was made mandatory in many states. Brake lights, though simple in their construction and their purpose, do much to help us be safe on the road, so it’s important for drivers to not only ensure these lights are in proper working order at all times, but also pay attention to the other brake lights around them, thereby ensuring that they are doing their best to avoid an accident on the road.

When you are involved in an accident in which you are injured and are not at fault, call upon an injury accident lawyer to help you with your case and to ensure that you are taken care of legally during your case.

The Importance of the Brake Light

Why Brake Lights are NeededBrake lights were designed to serve one main function: to alert others that we are braking. This signal, though, does much more than just alert others that we are stopping. This signal provides others on the road the ability to see our actions and maneuver appropriately to these actions. Brake lights show when we are stopping or slowing down, which allows others to either stop or slow down as well, or give other drivers time to simply move out of the same lane of the driver who is stopping. We all have experienced the frustration of needing to stop suddenly behind a vehicle who wants to turn but does not have their signal on, making it difficult to know what they want to do, so imagine the frustration that can occur if a driver ahead decides to stop and their lights aren’t working. Even at a safe distance behind this driver, an accident could still occur since it takes our brains time to see a stopped vehicle and realize it’s stopped with no indicatory lights, which can lead to injuries and damages.

These lights are so important, in fact, that those who make these vehicles have begun to add a third brake light to the vehicles they design and build to make them more visible on the road. Without the visibility of brake lights, even during the day, accidents would happen more often, causing serious injuries in many cases. It’s important for every driver to ensure that their lights are working on their vehicle, that way accidents can be avoided and drivers can be safe as they are on the road.

Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyers in Texas

When you end up in a car accident that injures you because the person ahead of you does not follow the proper laws regarding brake lights, you can end up being quite upset. These accidents can be complicated, and so it’s important for you to contact a lawyer who knows exactly what needs to be done for your case. At the offices of DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC, we know how to help you with your case, and we will work hard to get you the win you need so that you can pay for your injuries and move on with your life. Call our office today to see how we can help you at (832) – 767 – 3568.

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