When Someone Swerves into Your Lane

When Someone Swerves into Your Lane

When Someone Swerves into Your Lane

When You Drive on a Busy Road

Driving on a busy road versus a less traveled road is a completely different experience. On roads that are not as full, you can feel less anxious, drive in an unhurried fashion and enjoy your drive a little more, as there are fewer people to worry about. The opposite can be said for busy roads. Busy roads can be difficult to navigate, can cause a driver to be anxious due to others driving aggressively on the road, and will make your drive more frustrating in general. Driving on busy roads is often less desired for all of these reasons, but also because they can be more dangerous compared to their calmer counterparts.

On busy roads, it’s easy to be involved in an accident. Accidents occur all the time, and they can happen quite suddenly. Having another vehicle swerve into your lane, for example, is a common occurrence on the road, and it’s one that can lead to serious injuries and damages. There are many reasons that drivers will swerve out of their lanes, but this knowledge does little to comfort those hurt in these accidents, and many of these reasons are not seen as a “legitimate” reason for leaving the proper lane of travel. These accidents are unfortunate for those involved, and often, victims are told that it’s best to seek legal counsel from a personal injury lawyer following their accident to ensure that they have the best advice for how to proceed in their legal cases.

Why Drivers will Swerve into Your Lane

While everyone should be aware of others as they drive, this is not always the case. We will swerve into another lane for multiple reasons, some of which include:

When Someone Swerves into Your LaneTo avoid an animal in the road: When an animal is on the road, most people will want to avoid hitting them. Drivers can avoid hitting an animal by either slowing down, stopping, or swerving, with the last option being the most dangerous thing to do. When drivers swerve out of their lane, they are often not looking at the other lanes around them, which can cause an accident to occur.

To avoid an obstacle on the road: Sometimes, there are obstacles in the road that drivers want to avoid. Maybe the obstacle is a full garbage bag that fell out of a vehicle ahead of them, or perhaps it’s a large pothole that looks like it could be quite damaging. Either way, these issues can cause a driver to swerve, which can be sudden and cause an accident to occur. You can be prepared to try to avoid these accidents if you see the obstacle in the road before a driver tries to swerve in front of you, but this is not always possible or practical.

The driver is not paying attention: Today, drivers have more distractions than not inside and outside their vehicles, which means that drivers can be incredibly distracted. When drivers are not focused, they can end up swerving into a lane they don’t actually want to be in, which means that they can end up causing an accident with someone not expecting to face another driver head-on. There is not much that can be done for distracted driving, as accidents involving these drivers often happen quickly, so simply being as alert as you can be will help you avoid an accident with these drivers as best as possible.

Texas Lawyers to Help Your Vehicle Accident Case

Being hurt in an accident due to another’s actions can be frustrating, but it’s not something to get too angry over. Instead of getting angry, call the lawyers at DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC. Our team of lawyers are ready to help you with your accident case and will work hard to get you the settlement you need to help you recover and move past your accident. Call our office today to see how we can help you today at (832) 767-3568.

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