What a Tire Blowout Can Do to You or Those Around You

What a Tire Blow Out Can Do to You or Those Around You

What a Tire Blowout Can Do to You or Those Around You

What Causes a Tire to Blow Out?

Accidents caused by a tire blowing out can often be extremely dangerous and scary. A tire blowing out is an instance for which we, as drivers, cannot truly prepare, which is one of the reasons that they are so scary and dangerous to those on the road.

A tire will suffer a blowout for several reasons: excessive wear and tear on a tire will cause it to rub spots thin, which can suffer a pop later on; tires that are manufactured with a defect can end up popping while we drive; tires that drive on excessively hot roads for long periods of time can suffer a blowout; and tires that run over an object can end up having a blowout later as we are driving. All of these situations, though different, follow a similar truth: tires that suffer these issues will, more than likely, eventually pop, and we cannot anticipate when that time will be.

What a Tire Blow Out Can Do to You or Those Around YouWhen we are driving and a tire blows out on a vehicle near us or on our own vehicle, we can suffer from accidents that will cause us to become injured. The injuries sustained from these accidents can range from a simple case of whiplash to severe bone breaks and head injuries, all dependent on the severity of the accident caused by a tire blowing out.

While it’s impossible to say when a tire will suffer a blowout or how bad an accident may be following one, it’s safe to say that an injured person in an accident should know to contact an injury lawyer after an accident such as this and discuss their case with that lawyer to see what may be owed to them for their injuries and damages.

What Can Happen After a Tire Blows Out on the Road?

When a vehicle is in motion and has a tire blow out, a variety of things can happen that will cause accidents and injuries to occur. Some of these instances include:

Swerving into another lane: The forces that occur when a tire blows out can cause a vehicle to end up swerving into a different lane. This lane could be one that is in the opposite direction of the vehicle that is swerving, or it can be a lane heading the same way. Either way, if that lane is already occupied by a vehicle, both will likely suffer from damages and injuries. These kinds of accidents can result in serious injuries, and so those involved should be extremely cautious following the accident to be sure that they do not exacerbate any injuries they may have.

Losing control of the vehicle: When a tire blows out, it changes the way a vehicle drives, and it can cause that vehicle to completely lose control, creating accidents and injuries abound. While vehicles behind the tire blow out can, mostly, avoid these accidents, not all vehicles near where the tire blows out will be able to, causing them to be involved in the accident and suffer possible injuries.

Driving in an unpredictable fashion: Tire blowouts will cause a vehicle to drive in ways that aren’t normal or predictable. This alone can cause accidents to happen, which can end with injuries and result in someone going to the hospital.

Injury Lawyers for Accidents in Texas

Injuries that come from accidents involving tire blowouts can be serious and need extensive care from a doctor. When these kinds of injuries occur, it’s important to not only make sure you are helped medically by a doctor but that you also talk with an injury lawyer who can help to direct and advise you on how to proceed after your injury.

At the law offices of DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC, we can help you after your accident by advising you what you may be owed in compensation and fighting to get you the money you need to recover from your injuries. Call our office today to discuss your case with one of our lawyers at (832) 767-3568.

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