The History and Importance of Road Signs

The History and Importance of Road Signs

The History and Importance of Road Signs

Road signs help to guide us as we navigate our trips on the road. These signs can be seen on every roadway across the world, and they all serve their own individual purposes to help us as we navigate the environment. Although road signs have a long and detailed history dating all the way back to the times of the Roman Empire, the first road sign to be used to direct vehicle traffic in America was not erected until 1915 in Detroit. Despite such a long history, though, road signs are often overlooked or neglected by other drivers on the road, which is a dangerous accident just waiting to happen.

When drivers do not adhere to road signs, accidents and injuries are sure to happen. These signs exist to help bring order to our roadways and allow us to safely drive from one place to another (being sure to avoid any issues with other drivers as we go). Other drivers who do not follow these rules make for situations where drivers end up injured, which can cause someone to end up needing hospital visits, possible surgery, physical therapy, or another form of medical help that can be expensive and time-consuming. To follow road signs is important, and it allows for the best possible chance of avoiding an accident as we drive on the road.

After being injured due to someone not following the signs on the road, call a car accident injury lawyer who can help you to recover the compensation you’ll need to help you to heal following your accident.

Common Road Signs and What They Mean for Drivers

Road signs all have their own special directions and commands, each put in unique places to assist in our driving. Some of these signs and what they do for drivers include:

Merge Signs: Merge signs will depict two lanes combining into one, showing that a lane is about to end and that drivers will need to merge to continue safely. These signs are seen on many The History and Importance of Road Signsroads, though they are most commonly seen on highways. When drivers decide not to follow these signs, they can cause rear-end accidents, accidents in which someone is sideswiped, or accidents due to a person being forced into another lane occurs. These accidents can be quite serious, especially when they occur on the highway, so they should be avoided as much as possible.

Yield Signs: Yield signs are upside-down triangles that sit just before an intersection. These signs let a driver know that the roadway they are about to enter may have a vehicle on it, so exercise caution as you enter the intersection. While these are not the same as stop signs, they are not simply to be ignored, as doing so can cause serious accidents that can cause severe injuries to those involved.

Winding Road Signs: These signs show that a road is winding, which is used to warn drivers to drive as carefully as possible to minimize the chances of being in an accident due to these roads. When drivers decide to not listen to this preemptive warning, accidents occur because someone attempted to speed or tried to pass someone in an area that they shouldn’t have. These accidents will often be very devastating and difficult to recover from, which make them very dangerous to happen.

Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyers in Texas

After being in an accident in which a road sign was ignored, you can be left with severe injuries and costly hospital bills, both of which are unpleasant to deal with. After suffering an injury due to someone else’s ignorance on the road, contact the lawyers at DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC. We can supply you with the lawyer you need to help you get the compensation you deserve after your accident. Call our office today to discuss your case at (832) 767–3568.

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