The Dangers of Driving While Using a Phone in Texas

The Dangers of Driving While Using a Phone in Texas

The Dangers of Driving While Using a Phone in Texas

Distractions of Drivers Today

Driving when vehicles first became a common form of transportation was quite different from what driving is like today. When driving back in the early 1900s, drivers could not go as fast as they can today, they could not go as far as we often do today, and they certainly weren’t as distracted by items in their vehicle or out by the roadways like we are today. In many ways, driving in the past was a simpler task than it is today, but drivers back then also did not have the distractions and challenges we have today either.

Today, most drivers would probably admit that the most distracting things in their vehicles are their passengers, their radio, and most notoriously, their phone. Cell phones in vehicles have become a prevalent issue, one that causes drivers to lose focus on the task of driving and can cause accidents on the road.

Statistically, using your phone while driving increases your chance of being involved in an accident by four times when compared to drivers who do not use their phones while driving, a number which sounds small, but is really a huge increase. When people choose to drive with their cell phones in their hand, it puts themselves and others in danger, and the possibilities that can come with those dangers are never consequences that people want to accept.

After being in an accident with a driver who was on their phone, you can be horribly frustrated. After talking with a vehicle accident lawyer, though, it can help you to relax and know that you may be entitled to compensation for your troubles, which will help you to recover from your accident.

What Happens When You Drive and Use Your Phone

Due to the statistics of cell phone usage and accidents, most states have passed laws banning the practice of using these devices while behind a wheel. Despite these laws, though, many people will still choose to use their phones and drive, which increases their chances of causing or being in an accident. Although many people believe they have a talent with using their phone and driving, there is no way that this practice will ever be safe, and even though these people have not been in an accident yet, it will surely happen eventually.

The Dangers of Driving While Using a Phone in Texas Accidents in which cell phones are involved are usually all the same: due to the distraction, the person on their phone cut another person off from their right of way on the road, or invades the space of a vehicle which is already taking the space ahead of the cell phone driver. These accidents usually include someone on their cell phone running a red light, going through a “stop” or “yield” sign without stopping or looking, turning left or right when the road is not clear, crossing into a different lane, or rear-ending someone who is ahead of them. All of these accidents commonly happen due to drivers being on their cell phones and not looking at the road ahead of them.

To cut down the chance you have of being in an accident, simply do not use your cell phone. Set up your Bluetooth in your vehicle, buy the attachments you need to make your car hands-free or put your phone where you cannot reach it. All of these suggestions will cut down on the possibility of being involved in an accident, which will save you and others a lot of frustration.

Vehicle Accident Lawyers in Texas

If you’ve been in an accident due to a driver being distracted, call the lawyers who will fight to win your case. At DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC, we are well trained and experienced in dealing with accidents that are caused by distracted drivers. We know we can take your case and help you win the compensation you need, so call us to talk with a lawyer today at (832) – 767 – 3568.

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