Semi-Truck Accidents


Accidents involving an 18-wheeler, semi-truck, big rig, tractor trailer, or other large commercial vehicle often result in serious injuries such as spinal injuries, amputations, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, or even death, in addition to significant property damage. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a large commercial vehicle, it is imperative that you seek qualified legal representation immediately after the accident in order to preserve and maximize your damages claim.

Inherent Danger of 18-Wheelers

Because of the inherent dangers associated with driving 18-wheelers, commercial truck drivers receive special training and are required to abide by stringent safety regulations governing when and how they operate their vehicles. Unfortunately, all too often these regulations are minimized or outright ignored in order to meet deadlines and maximize the trucking company’s profits. This can be a deadly combination on the road and often leads to serious and substantial injuries and deaths. As with all accidents, most trucking accidents can be avoided, but when they do occur, they are generally caused by:

  • Speeding, following too closely, or careless driving;
  • Driver fatigue;
  • Failure to maintain equipment on the truck;
  • Drug use or intoxication;
  • Violation of trucking regulations; and
  • Improper loading of the truck.



Because of the significant size and weight difference between large commercial vehicles and automobiles, it goes without saying that there is an increased probability that the automobile driver (and passengers) will sustain serious injuries and property damage in these types of accidents. These injuries can have long-term or even permanent consequences, which can interfere with your ability to work and live a normal, fulfilling life.

Protecting Your Rights

Trucking corporations have teams of adjusters and lawyers dedicated to protecting their business interests, and you should too. Adding insult to injury, insurance companies often take advantage of individuals that are injured by their insureds. Do not let the insurance company take advantage of you by accepting a settlement that does not fully compensate you for the injuries you sustained as a result of an 18-wheeler or other commercial vehicle’s driver’s negligence.

Why choose DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC

Intervention by our team early on helps alleviate the stress and uncertainty you would otherwise experience without our involvement in your matter. We handle all aspects of your case, from the filing of the claim to investigating the root cause of the accident and vigorously litigating the matter, if necessary. Therefore, you can focus solely on what matters most— recovering from your injuries. Although most of these types of cases settle without the necessity of going to trial, we are prepared to do so if the insurance company does not treat our clients fairly and ethically.

At DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC we provide the personal service and requisite experience and skill to handle your matter from start to finish with the sole goal of maximizing your recovery and making sure you are compensated fairly and justly by the party at fault. If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a commercial driver’s negligence, please call immediately for a free and confidential case evaluation from the semi-truck accident lawyers Cypress drivers trust.