Personal Injury


If you or someone you know has recently been hurt in an accident in Houston or elsewhere in Texas and have mounting medical bills, stress, and physical pain to cope with as a result, you may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit. The lawyers at DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC work hard on behalf of clients who find themselves in this situation.

Our lawyers recognize that there are many different ramifications for your life if you have been injured in an accident like this. We work hard to advocate for your interest from day one. Personal injury accidents involve any situation in which another party may be held negligent after breaching his or her duty of care to you, causing you critical injuries. Some of the most common examples of personal injury accidents in Houston include:

Protecting Your Rights After an Accident

If you have been hurt in a crash you might find that your life will never be the same as a result of your injuries and pain. Find out if you could be entitled to recover compensation by speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

A lawyer can tell you more about what to expect as your case unfolds through the courts so that you have peace of mind and are prepared for the various stages of your case. One of the most important things to look for in a knowledgeable personal injury attorney is a lawyer who will give you his or her attention. The attorneys at DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC work hard to understand your needs from the very first meeting and develop a strategy that is in line with the most positive outcome for you.



Why Do You Need an Attorney?

Recognizing that there are various complications associated with personal injury lawsuits, you need an advocate who will be on your side from day one. We will collect medical records, determine whether expert witnesses are relevant in your case, negotiate with the insurance company, and prepare for settlement or trial hearings. Each of these stages is critical for your case outcome and should not be overlooked.

You may be under the impression that you do not need an attorney for a personal injury case. However, this can be a big mistake. Accepting a settlement amount that is well below the true extent of your injuries could end up costing you for years down the line. Furthermore, you may not understand the legal complexities associated with personal injury cases and do yourself a disservice by trying to handle the situation on your own. The other party or parties involved in the case likely have legal representation and you also want someone advocating on behalf of you.

Your choice of representation can make a big difference for the outcome of your case. You need to be able to know where to turn when facing a legal issue, and having the right attorney advocating for you from day one is a great place to start. It can be overwhelming and challenging to handle a legal problem on your own, but a lawyer can help you navigate this complex process by providing timely answers and relevant strategy for your individual concerns.

As experienced and trusted personal injury attorneys in Richmond, Sugar Land, Galveston and Houston, we work hard to identify the most appropriate route for resolution for you from day one. We know that your life will be forever changed as the result of a serious accident but it is our goal to give you peace of mind and confidence as your case unfolds.


Being hurt in an accident shouldn’t mean that you pay the cost for another person’s reckless behavior. If you’ve been injured and someone else is at fault, you need insight from experienced personal injury lawyers in Houston like those at DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC. Don’t wait to get the help you’ll need in order to file a legal claim and fight for compensation.