Kevin J. Connolly



Attorney Kevin J. Connolly is an experienced trial lawyer who spent many years representing large companies in complex litigation arising out of multi-million dollar business transactions and the defense of personal injury lawsuits, including cases involving premises and products liability, the Jones Act, and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. He has also handled numerous construction defect cases, chemical exposure cases, class action litigation, and mass casualty lawsuits, in addition to conducting numerous accident investigations, both onshore and offshore. Additionally, he has tried cases ranging from breach of contract cases to personal injury lawsuits. He is experienced in all aspects of litigation, using the discovery process to learn important details that lead to successful results for his clients while perfecting the skills necessary to excel in a court-of-law.

Recently, however, Kevin sought a way to change the focus of his practice in order to be more client-focused, dedicated to getting optimal results for individuals rather than large companies. Kevin joined DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC as an equity partner because he recognized the unique philosophy of the firm – working hard to achieve the best results possible for each client. Kevin has made the transition from representing large corporations, typically in a defense capacity, to working to achieve justice for individuals and small companies. His background working for a large law firm has given Kevin the skills to cut through the delays and other obstructionist tactics that large corporations and insurance companies use to delay paying settlements. Kevin is able to get his clients the best possible award by understanding how to craft an effective case and advocate zealously on behalf of his clients.

Kevin graduated cum laude from Texas Tech University in 1997, going to work as a software and business consultant for Fortune 100 and FORTUNE 500 companies for many years. Through this business experience, Kevin developed an expertise for using technology to discover information that is beneficial to each client’s case. After graduating magna cum laude from South Texas College of Law in 2007, Kevin worked with several large Houston-based law firms as a commercial litigation and personal injury defense attorney, gaining extensive experience in both state and federal courts throughout Texas. Additionally, Kevin has been admitted to appear in all federal courts in the State of Texas.

In addition to his legal work, Kevin is committed to the Houston community. He volunteers with the Advancement Committee of YES Prep Public Schools, which is a Houston charter school district focused on increasing the number of low-income students who attend and graduate from four-year colleges. Kevin also participates in a mentoring program that he helped start to interact directly with these students. It is this passion to help those in need of assistance in the face of hardship that drives Kevin’s determination to work hard for his clients in order to produce favorable results, concentrating on the outcome for the client rather than the bottom line.

Professional Affiliations

Mr. Connolly is member of the Houston Young Lawyers Association, Texas Young Lawyers Association, Houston Bar Association, Texas Association of Defense Counsel and Houston Maritime Association.

Speeches and Publications

Mr. Connolly has prepared multiple presentations on key areas of the law most pertinent to his clients. Most recently, Mr. Connolly prepared a presentation to a major client on indemnity under both Maritime and Texas law. His blog posts include Decision Rendered: Controversy Regarding Insuring Against Punitive Damages and Punitive Damages for Gross Negligence Insurable Under Texas Law, both of which were posted on an energy law blog in 2008.