Keeping Children Safe in an Accident

Keeping Children Safe in an Accident

Keeping Children Safe in an Accident

Children and Our Vehicles

The vehicles on our roads today are an amazing invention of transportation and convenience. Our vehicles allow us to travel great distances, to carry items that would be impossible to carry otherwise, and to take many people at once to the destination they need to go. Our vehicles are built to help us in our everyday lives, and they give us freedoms that we would not have otherwise. While our vehicles are built for adults and adult needs, they, unfortunately, are not made for a specific group of people who are everyday passengers, which can cause several issues for these people and their families.

Children are not a consumer that vehicles are made for. Admittedly, children grow up, so making a vehicle design that caters to a person who is only going to be a small size for a small percentage of their life does not make sense, but it does contribute to issues experienced by this particular demographic. Car accidents, according to the CDC, are one of the biggest contributors to child deaths. Vehicle accidents involve so many aspects that affect adults in negative ways, so it’s easy to see how a small child might be greater affected by these horrific events.

Despite vehicles not being built for children, there are steps we can take to protect our kids while they’re in our cars so that, in the event of an accident, they can be safe and protected. Vehicle accidents that hurt children will often end up in court with personal injury lawyers, so by protecting your child as much as possible ahead of time, you’re helping to reduce the chances of ending up in court at all.

How to Best Ensure Children Aren’t Hurt in Car Accidents

There are a few ways to ensure your child can be safe while in a vehicle, all of which are pretty simple to make work. Some of the ways you can keep your child safe in a car include:

Keeping Children Safe in an AccidentCar seats: Having a car seat for your child is incredibly important for their safety in a vehicle. Car seats have been shown in multiple studies to decrease the rate of child death and injuries in car accidents, which shows just how important they are. Follow the proper installation of these seats in your vehicle, as improper installation will decrease their effectiveness, and keep your kids in these seats as long as necessary.

Booster seats: The next step in keeping your child safe in a car is having them sit in a booster seat. After a child outgrows their car seat, a booster seat is needed to keep them safe. Children are often still too small to sit in a vehicle without extra support after they outgrow their car seat, and a booster seat allows for the extra support they need until they are big enough to sit on their own. While many people believe these seats are unnecessary, they help to give your child the protection they need in a car accident, so be sure to have one for them when the time is right.

Seat belts: After a child is old enough and big enough to sit on their own, always make sure they use their seat belts. Children who do not use their seat belts are at a greater risk of being injured in an accident, so be sure they always buckle up before they ride in the car. Encourage them to use these devices in every car they sit in.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Texas

Being injured in a vehicle accident is never easy, but having your child be hurt in an accident is even worse. When your child is injured after an accident, be sure to call the lawyers at DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC. Our lawyers are ready to fight for you and your child’s right to compensation, and we won’t stop working hard for you until the case is over. Call our office today to see how we can assist you at (832) 767-3568.

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