How We Can Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

How We Can Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

How We Can Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

Statistics for Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are a constant issue that occurs each and every day in America. In positive news, between 2016 and 2017, we saw a decrease in pedestrian accidents by over 4%, which is a number to be happy and proud of. The hope, of course, is that these numbers will continue to decrease, but time will tell if this decrease will become a continuing trend or become stagnant.

Pedestrian accidents happen for a number of reasons, with many being the fault of the driver and many being the fault of the pedestrian. Sometimes, these accidents cannot be prevented, but often, with the careful attention of a driver, many of these cases can be eliminated so that a pedestrian isn’t injured. When a driver heightens their attention, it helps them see pedestrians they may have not seen before, allowing for bystanders to be safer while they travel.

Pedestrian accidents are no joke. They result in serious injury, and in cases where a driver is 100% at-fault for the accident, it can mean nothing but frustration for the victim. After suffering from a pedestrian accident, call the Texas personal injury lawyer who will help you with your case and will fight for your rights, allowing you to heal and return to life quickly and efficiently.

Preventing Pedestrian Accidents Before They Happen

Pedestrian accidents will always cause significant injury to the pedestrian, which can mean lifelong issues, or even death, to those who have been injured. Drivers can help prevent these accidents and injuries by following these tips while out on the road:

Watching for the elderly and children: These two groups are the most at-risk groups when it comes to pedestrian accidents. Due to their size and speed, they can end up being in the road longer How We Can Avoid Pedestrian Accidentswhen crossing the street, which means that they may be harder to see or can cause irritation in drivers who are impatient. To prevent these accidents, make sure to look closely to the roadways when you approach intersections and give these groups the time they’ll need as they cross the roads.

Driving the appropriate speeds in high-pedestrian areas: Areas around schools, shopping centers, stores, and parks are almost always populated by pedestrians. Ensure to scan the roads as you approach and drive through these areas. Look for people waiting to cross, people crossing at the wrong sections, and people who will need extra time when crossing.

Always being aware near intersections: Many times, drivers will assume a green light or an uncontrolled intersection means the roadway is clear. This is not always the case. Many times, pedestrians will cross the street when vehicles are not present, meaning that they may still be in the roadway as you approach. Always look for people in the intersections as you approach so that you can avoid injuring them.

These accidents will always cause significant harm to the pedestrian, so when drivers take the extra time they need to avoid hitting pedestrians, they save themselves a lot of guilt, legal action taken by their victim, and conversations with insurance companies.

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Texas

Personal injury cases can cause your life to flip upside down, which make your day to day operations more complicated until your injuries are healed and your accident is settled. Instead of waiting for months to have your case solved and waiting around to hear the amount the insurance company is hoping you’ll take, talk with a lawyer who will help you take your case to court to get you what you need when you need it. At DeHoyos & Conolly, PLLC, we are ready to listen to your case and help you get what you need to move on with your life. Call us today to discuss your case at (832) 767-3568.

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