How to Deal with an Accident on the Highway

How to Deal with an Accident on the Highway

How to Deal with an Accident on the Highway

Accidents on the Highway

Accidents are all unique in how they occur and how they are dealt with. If it’s your first accident, you will, more than likely, need more time to calm down and collect yourself than if you’ve been in an accident before. If you were in an accident on a quiet residential street, your time following the accident was probably calmer than if your accident happened in the middle of an intersection. All accidents have their own unique aspects, including accidents that happen on the highway.

Highway accidents are often really scary because you’re dealing with a delicate situation on a roadway filled with other drivers who can make the accident so much worse than it is. It’s a difficult place to be in following an accident, but luckily, there are tips to make the aftermath dealings of a highway accident easier, which everyone should know in case they are involved in such a situation.

If you were in an accident on the highway in which you were hurt and not at fault, call a personal injury lawyer to help you figure out your next step.

Handling an Accident that Occurs on the Highway

When an accident occurs on the highway, the first thing to do is to not panic. Once you are calm, assess the situation, and check for injuries, apply these steps as necessary:

How to Deal with an Accident on the HighwayAvoiding stopping on the left shoulder: If you can, pull over on the right shoulder of the highway versus the left shoulder. The left shoulder sits next to the passing lane, which has many people who are going over the speed limit and are not always paying the best attention. If you stop in this lane, your chances of being hit again are higher, so stopping on the right shoulder is a far better and safer option if there is nowhere else to go.

Get off the highway, if possible: If you can get off the highway, get off the highway. When you stay on the highway following an accident, you open yourself up to being injured or being distracted, which can mean you’ll miss a step in the “following an accident” checklist. If there is an exit nearby, and your vehicles can make it, go there to exchange information, as it will allow you to be as safe as possible following your accident.

Stay buckled in your car: If you must stop on the highway following your accident, stay buckled into your car until police can help you with your accident. If you are not buckled into your car, you can end up in a second accident which will injure you worse than the accident you were just in. Unfortunately, not everyone is the best at watching for people on the side of the road, which can contribute to a serious accident occurring, so be sure to wear your seatbelt while waiting in your vehicle before getting out with proper authority there.

Texas Vehicle Accident Lawyers Here for You

When you are hurt in an accident on the highway, you should call upon the help and expertise of a personal injury lawyer. At the offices of DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC, we are ready to take on your injury case and fight to get you the help you need financially so that you can heal from your wounds and move on past your accident. Our lawyers are waiting for your call, so contact us today at (832) 767-3568.

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