How Marijuana Affects Drivers

How Marijuana Affects Drivers

How Marijuana Affects Drivers

Marijuana in America

Every voting year, more and more civilians and lawmakers are urging for laws allowing the use of marijuana to be adopted into law. These calls to action come for a variety of reasons, with many advocates looking to better the lives of those who use this drug either medically or recreationally. As of today, only 17 states have not passed laws allowing any form of marijuana use, which is good for advocates of the drug but also brings up certain questions about safety from others.

As with anything that inhibits your abilities, driving while under the influence of medical or recreational marijuana can present dangers that involve accidents, damages, and injuries. These dangers can affect victims in these accidents dramatically, causing them to suffer serious injuries and losses to their property. While these dangers are not present for all marijuana users, since not all users of this drug also drive while they are under its influence, there are enough people who do choose to drive while they are not sober and cause these accidents to occur.

Being injured in an accident caused by a driver high on cannabis can be very frustrating to a victim. After suffering from injuries due to such an accident, call a personal injury lawyer to help you get the help you need to heal from your accident.

How Marijuana Can Affect You

Marijuana can affect you in multiple ways, all of which can affect the way you drive and operate your vehicle. Some of the ways this drug can affect you include:

How Marijuana Affects DriversDelayed reaction times: Cannabis often delays your reaction time, meaning that the things you need to be able to do while you drive, like reacting to the quickly-changing roadway around you, will not be as easy or possible. This delay in your reactions can mean an accident will happen, which can also mean injuries will occur to those involved.

Impaired judgment: When you are high on any drug, your decision-making abilities are impaired, meaning that you cannot make sound judgments as you are on the road. When you are unable to make sound judgments when you drive, it means that you are unable to make the safest decisions on the road, which puts you and others at risk of being hurt.

Sleepiness: Using marijuana can make you sleepy, which is a dangerous thing to be as you drive. It is already well known that it is dangerous to drive while drowsy, since you cannot drive at your best when you are tired. It is important to not drive while you are on any kind of drug that will make you sleepy, as it will more than likely mean you will end up in an accident.

Texas Car Accident Lawyers for You

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