How Can the Brain be Injured?

How Can the Brain be Injured?

How Can the Brain be Injured?

Our Most Important Organ

The brain is not only an incredibly important organ, but it is also the most important organ we have. While organs like our lungs, heart, and kidneys all contribute to our ability to live, we absolutely cannot live without our brain. It’s one of the few organs that cannot be transplanted, which should speak to just how important it is for our lives.

Knowing that our brains are very important to us, it should then be in our best interest to keep them safe. Our brains are one of the more fragile organs in our bodies, and so ensuring they stay uninjured is an instinct we’ve developed over time. Still, we cannot always protect our brains since some situations are simply too complicated to control. Car accidents are one of these situations, as they can cause us significant issues with our brains in terms of injuries, and in many of these accidents, we cannot react in time to fully protect our brain.

When we suffer a brain injury due to the actions of another, it can be a very aggravating situation that we may not know how to deal with. After an accident in which you are injured, talk with a personal injury lawyer, since they will be able to help you figure out the next step in your legal battle to get the compensation you need.

Some Ways a Brain can be Injured in an Accident

Our brains are incredibly delicate organs, which means that they can be easily hurt in an accident. When you are involved in a vehicle accident, you can end up with head and brain injuries from:

How Can the Brain be Injured?Your head hitting something: In an accident, there is a lot of motion that occurs, which can end up being quite bad for victims. When your head is jostled, it can end up hitting various parts of your vehicle, which can cause your brain to hit the inside of your skull. This can result in many issues, such as brain bruising, concussions, and more.

Whiplash: As stated above, your brain can be jostled heavily in an accident, which means that your head is usually being thrown about significantly. Whiplash is the motion that causes your head to whip around in an accident, which will cause neck pain and strain. This action can also contribute to injuries like brain bleeds. Brain bleeds are very serious and will need to be treated seriously by a physician at a hospital.

Cracked skull: When your head hits a hard object, it can cause a crack in the skull to occur. When our skulls are damaged, our brain has the chance of being severely damaged as well. Following a serious accident, you should have your head X-rayed and checked to ensure that you have no issue with a cracked skull. If your injury is not diagnosed, you could miss out on much-needed health care, which can affect your health over time.

Texas Lawyers Here for You and Your Injuries

After suffering a brain injury due to the irresponsibility of another, you can be left feeling incredibly frustrated. Brain injuries often require a lot of time, attention, and can end up causing your life to be very different from what it was before. Your injury should be taken seriously and should be properly compensated, and if you are not being compensated correctly, call the team at DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC today. Our team is more than qualified to take on your case and we will fight hard to get you the help you need for your injury. Call our office today to speak with our team at (832) 767-3568.

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