Helping Those Who are Injured Following a Car Accident

Helping Those Who are Injured Following a Car Accident

Helping Those Who are Injured Following a Car Accident

Why the Moments Right After a Car Accident are Important

Right after a car accident, there are many things that are confusing and hard to grasp. What just happened? Is the car okay? Where are you in relation to the road and traffic? Is there still a danger of being hit again? Are there injuries? All of these questions can swirl around the head of an accident victim, which can cause them to panic and possibly make any injuries they have even worse.

In these moments, a victim can feel overwhelmed, but then, someone comes up to their window and starts asking them if they’re okay, if they’re injured, what their name is, etc. This person stays with them until help arrives and then allows the emergency crews to perform their tasks. This person who stayed with the victim is an important part of the post-accident procedures because they provide services that a victim often needs. They help to keep a victim calm, they can help to care for a victim’s injuries, and they provide the victim an anchor to keep them grounded in what is going on.

Helping those who are involved in an accident is something that many people do not do because they don’t know what they can do to help, but luckily, there are some simple steps that anyone can do to help those involved in an accident. While helping accident victims can be difficult to navigate, offering any aid can help to make a scary situation easier, which many victims will be thankful for later.

Helping Those Who are Injured Following a Car AccidentBeing injured in a car accident is usually very scary and confusing, so after you take the time to heal and understand what happened to you, be sure you go and talk with an injury lawyer who can help you figure out what you may be owed for your injuries and stress, and to continue to help you stay calm and collected following a car accident.

How You Can Help Someone Who is Injured

Following a serious accident, it can seem like you may not be able to do much to help, but there is actually quite a bit that those who see an accident or those who are involved in an accident can do to help those who are hurt and need assistance. Some of the things you can do to help include:

Calling 911: The first thing that should be done following an accident is to notify emergency services. Many people will assume that someone else has called 911 already and that they do not need to, but it’s important to never assume this. Dispatchers for emergency services would rather have 20 calls about the same accident than no calls, so always call to inform emergency services about an accident that looks serious.

Stop or slow any bleeding that you see: While there are many injuries that need quick attention, bleeding is one that needs to be addressed immediately. If someone in your vehicle or another vehicle that was involved in an accident is bleeding, be sure to help try and stop the bleeding quickly. Holding pressure to a wound, wrapping the wound in a makeshift bandage, or treating a bleeding wound with dressings from a first aid kit are all ways to help an injured victim following an accident.

Talk with an injured person: Often, victims in an accident who are injured are scared and can panic. It’s important to try to keep these people from panicking, as it can cause their injuries and condition to worsen. By talking with and assuring these victims that everything will be okay, it can help to keep them calm until emergency services arrive.

It’s important to note that you should only perform actions that you are comfortable with and not try to perform any actions you are not trained to do. If all you feel comfortable doing is calling 911, that’s perfectly fine. Help comes in many forms, and by doing even the smallest action, you can help to make an injured accident victim’s experience less stressful and less worrisome.

Lawyers for Those Injured in Vehicle Accidents

As an accident victim, it can be difficult to know how to handle every aspect of your accident. From being in the accident to the recovery to figuring out how everything will be paid for and taken care of, you will likely be stressed and frustrated as you go through this arduous experience from the first step to the last. When you get help after an accident occurs, it makes everything easier to handle and process, so be sure to talk with the lawyers at DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC to see what they can help you with. From helping you build to your case to fighting for your rights in court, we can help you close your accident and move on with your life. Call us today to discuss your case at (832) 767-3568.

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