Drunk Driving Accidents and Their Dangers

Drunk Driving Accidents and Their Dangers

Drunk Driving Accidents and Their Dangers

Drunk Driving Fatalities in America

Despite the many ads convincing drivers not to, despite the laws in place to keep drivers from doing it, despite the many organizations that argue for harsher punishments for those who partake in this activity, many drivers will still drink and drive. Drivers who drive drunk are in the hundreds per day in the United States, with 28 innocent people per day dying due to these drivers and the accidents they cause. Despite these numbers, many people decide to continue to drive drunk with no intention to stop, which is simply an accident waiting to happen.

While all accidents are terrible and should be avoided, accidents involving drunk drivers are particularly devastating due to the many factors that are involved with them. These accidents are often difficult if not impossible to avoid, they don’t follow any logic that other drivers utilize, and they often involve serious injuries and serious damage due to the way many of these accidents occur. To be involved in an accident in which the driver who caused it was drunk will more often than not be devastating, and you will often find yourself injured and in need of medical help following your accident, which can cause a victim to experience serious issues as they try to recover from the accident.

Following an accident with a drunk driver, you may need to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer who can help you to set up your options after your accident and can help you so that you can plan your life to be back on track after your accident occurs.

Drunk Driving Behaviors That Are Dangerous

Drunk drivers are dangerous for many reasons, all of which will contribute to the accidents they cause. These behaviors are often specific towards those who drive while drunk, and they also Drunk Driving Accidents and Their Dangersshow why trying to avoid drunk drivers might be near impossible. These behaviors include, but are not limited to:

Fluctuations of speed: Drunk drivers will often drive slower or faster than others on the road. For some drunk drivers, they believe that driving slower will allow them to hide the fact that they are drunk, thus allowing them to escape the consequences of their actions from authorities. Still, others don’t think they need to drive slower and end up driving much faster than others, which will cause them to crash and lose control of their vehicle. Both of these actions will cause an accident to occur, both with the possibility of causing serious injuries to those involved.

Slow reaction times: Those who are drunk have, notoriously, slow reaction times. This lack of skill will contribute to an accident occurring due to not being able to react to the frequently changing conditions on the road and will make it near impossible for a driver who is drunk to avoid colliding with another vehicle before it happens. This will lead to obvious injuries and damages to those on the road, and it’s something that cannot exactly be avoided. No matter what road a drunk driver is on, their reactions will be slow, and their lack of response can cause an accident to occur.

Driving towards lights: Drunk drivers are known to drift towards lights, which can lead to some serious issues. If a drunk driver drifts towards headlights, this will more than likely cause a head-on collision to occur. If a drunk driver follows tail lights, they can cause a rear-end collision that can end up injuring those involved. This habit can be difficult to pinpoint in a driver until it’s too late, meaning that these accidents can be very difficult if not near impossible to avoid.

Texas Personal Injury Lawyers for You

Following a drunk driving accident in which you are innocent, call the lawyers at the DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC. Our lawyers can take your case on so that you can rest easy knowing that your suit is being well managed. We will fight to get you the compensation you need so that you can move on past your accident and focus on rebuilding your life. Call us today at (832) – 767 – 3568.

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