Driving While Tired: How Dangerous is it?

Driving While Tired: How Dangerous is it?

Driving While Tired: How Dangerous is it?

How Many People Drive While Tired?

Many people will report that they have driven at times where maybe their concentration wasn’t the best. For some, driving after receiving bad news is a time of lower concentration and a lack of awareness around them. For others, having a hectic schedule can make driving more difficult to concentrate on, as it lowers their ability to really keep their mind at the task at hand when all it wants to do is wander. For others still, driving while drowsy is a big contributor to a lack of concentration on the road, and this issue itself will cause victims to be involved in accidents and other issues as well.

Driving while drowsy is a serious issue that not many people consider since most everyone has done it at least once and has had no issue with. Driving while drowsy is a dangerous game to play, and it can cause us to be involved in some serious accidents that will take long healing periods and will cause extensive damage to occur. A shocking 1 in 25 adults have admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel within a 30 day period, which means there are thousands if not millions of drivers every day sharing the road with us who are asleep as they drive alongside us. This issue speaks for itself in the danger associated with it, so it’s important that drivers are brought attention to it to help the number of occurrences go down and to help the chances of an accident occur lessen.

When you are involved in an accident in which another driver was asleep behind the wheel, talk with a personal injury lawyer who can help you get the compensation you need to pay for your unfortunate accident.

Why Driving While Being Tired Should Not be Done

Driving while being drowsy brings with is a host of issues, many of which will cause or contribute greatly to an accident happening. To begin, driving while being drowsy will lower your reaction times, which will mean a driver cannot properly react to the changing conditions on the road and avoid issues that suddenly come about. This will lead to obvious accidents and can cause many people to be very injured. drowsy driving also shows that drivers cannot process information correctly, which can lead to issues up the road.

Driving While Tired: How Dangerous is it?If a drowsy driver passes a sign, for example, that reads that the road up ahead is closed for maintenance, they may not process that information quickly or at all, which can cause them to run into an area filled with people working and cause someone to be seriously injured. This example extends to many instances, all of which can and will cause issues for many people on the road.

Drowsy driving also will lead to a driver acting more aggressive or “moody,” which can mean they are making seriously flawed decisions or decisions based on anger, which will more often than not end with an accident and injuries occurring. When drivers make decisions purely on emotion, they can make some serious mistakes, many of which cannot be fixed quickly or easily.

To drive drowsy is to ask for trouble, as driving drowsy is basically an accident waiting to happen. Don’t allow others or yourself to drive if you are tired. Take the time you need, wait until you are ready, and then get behind the wheel.

Texas Injury Lawyers to Help You After an Accident

After being injured following an accident in which one or more drivers were drowsy, call the lawyers at the DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC. Our lawyers are educated in handling cases like yours, and they will fight to make sure your rights are protected and upheld in the courts. Call our office today to speak with us at (832) – 767 – 3568.

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