Driving When Conditions Are Dangerous

Driving When Conditions Are Dangerous

Driving When Conditions Are Dangerous

Dangerous Weather to Drive In

Weather in Texas can vary substantially throughout the year. Snow, tornadoes, hail, rain, and freezes can all happen in Texas in a single year, which can all be difficult to drive in and maneuver around. Many drivers already struggle with driving in fair conditions, so when they are faced with conditions that are less than ideal, they have difficulty keeping both themselves and others safe on the road.

When drivers who are not confident in their driving abilities face conditions that cause stress and frustration, accidents can quickly and easily occur, which not only cause your car to be damaged but for you to also suffer injuries that can put you in the hospital. For drivers who cannot drive on the roads when bad conditions arise, they should try to avoid driving. If they cannot avoid driving, they should read about and practice recommended steps so that they can be safe while they are on the road when conditions are bad.

Those who have been involved in an accident after bad weather should look into a car accident lawyer who can help them receive the compensation they need after their accident and can help with any questions they might have while going through the legal process.

Tips for When You End Up Driving in Bad Weather

For bad road conditions in Texas, there are a few steps you as a driver can take to keep you and others on the road safe as you drive in any condition.

Driving When Conditions Are Dangerous Rain: Make sure your headlights are on, in order to increase your visibility to others. Use your wipers and be sure to set them to a speed that allows you to comfortably see the road. If your window begins to fog over, turn your defrosters on to keep them clear. Do not use cruise control while driving in rain, and be sure to be patient while driving, as rain can make roads slick and reduce traction.

Fog: When driving in fog, be sure your low beams are on and not your high beams. High beams will simply bounce off of the fog and blind you, so be sure that your low beams are on and work before driving in fog. If the fog is bad enough, wait it out.

Tornadoes: Never try to race a tornado. These weather patterns can move in ways that will make it near impossible to get away safely, especially if you’re on the road with other drivers; so if you are near a tornado, try to find shelter instead. If you cannot find a structure, find a ditch or low area to lay in, as it is often not safe to stay in your vehicle.

Often, the best thing you can do in bad weather conditions is to not drive at all, so if you can, avoid driving on the roads. It will often save you a headache of being in an accident and will allow you to be the safest you can be.

Motor Accident Lawyers in Texas

The varying weather patterns that run through Texas in the winter months can cause chaos on the roads for drivers. Due to this weather, collisions and accidents of all kinds are inevitable, causing not only damage to your vehicle but also causing injury to your body. When this happens, be sure to call a lawyer who will help you get the compensation you deserve and work with you to get you back on the road quickly. At DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC, we can provide you with the lawyer you will need to win your accident case and try to get you back to where you were before your accident. Call us today at (832) 767-3568.

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