Does Age Contribute to Accidents?

Does Age Contribute to Accidents?

Does Age Contribute to Accidents?

When Age Becomes an Issue with Driving

The age of drivers is something that always is debated, specifically, how young and how old a driver may be before their age begins to cause problems. For young drivers, it seems to be constantly insinuated that they should be older before they should be allowed to driver. For older drivers, it’s been debated that they should stop driving once they hit a certain age. Both of these groups of drivers find these assertions insulting and demeaning, and while they will say these claims are unfounded, they do point to a common question: Does age affect a driver’s abilities?

There are many factors that work against both of these groups. For young drivers, they deal with issues that relate to youth and inexperience. Often, these drivers will get into accidents because they do not think through decisions they make, they make more decisions that are risky, and they are more likely to allow emotion to take over their decision-making processes. On the opposite end of the spectrum, older drivers will face issues related to age and failing bodies. For older drivers, issues like declining health, loss of motor function, and even an inability to keep up with new laws that deal with traffic can all work to cause an accident that they are at fault for.

Both of these groups will argue their need and ability to drive safely, but ultimately, age can affect these drivers and can cause accidents to occur more often that involve their age groups. After suffering from an accident in which a younger or older driver is at fault, be sure to discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer who can help you get the compensation you need to pay for your damages and injuries.


Which Age Group is Involved in More Accidents?

As stated before, there are many factors working against both groups of drivers that can cause them to have more accidents than the “middle age” group of drivers on the road. Ultimately, though, data shows that older drivers are involved in less accidents compared to their significantly younger counterparts. Data compiled from sources like the U.S. Census Bureau and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety show that senior drivers have less fatal and non-fatal accidents across the board, though these accidents have also declined for younger drivers as well. These numbers, of course, cannot tell us why older drivers are not in as many accidents as younger drivers, but they do prove that younger drivers are more likely to be in an accident.

While many people believe that a driver should be barred from driving based on their age, it really comes down to a driver’s individual abilities and health. There are many younger drivers who are moreresponsible and safer compared to other drivers on the road, while there are many older drivers who are irresponsible and dangerous to those on the road due to their driving habits. In the end, only a driver’s abilities and choices should be the reason they lose their ability to drive, not just their age.

Texas Accident Lawyers Ready for Your Case

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