Divorce Law


The process of getting divorced can be an overwhelming and complicated one even if you know that it is the right decision for you. Identifying an experienced Texas divorce lawyer like those at DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC is a critical first step for protecting your interests and giving you answers to the questions you have during this critical time.

As attorneys with years of experience in the field, we know that divorce is a challenge for many people. It comes at a high cost emotionally and the right support systems are crucial to being able to move through it and beyond it. That’s why we take such a personal approach with our clients.

When selecting the right Houston family law attorney, it is important to identify a person who understands the struggles that you may face in the courtroom, as well as your unique concerns about issues such as distribution of assets, child custody, child support and spousal support. The right lawyer can have a big impact not just on the outcome of your case but also over how you feel about it going forward. Family issues are always extremely personal and emotionally charged.

This is why the right lawyer should be selected from the outset so that you have a clear expectation going into court. Our Houston family law practice encompasses comprehensive divorce needs such as:

  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Military divorce and retirement
  • High asset divorce
  • Uncontested and contested divorce
  • Enforcement or modifications of family court orders



What’s Involved in Filing for Divorce?

The first stage of a Texas divorce is to file an official petition in the family law court. The person who files first will be referred to as the petitioner and the other spouse is called the respondent.

After the initial petition is officially filed, you must notify your spouse. You can serve these documents on your own or you can have a court official manage this for you. From there, how your divorce unfolds depends largely on the issues at play and the other spouse. Hiring the right lawyer can go a long way as you work towards the best outcome for you and your family.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Divorce?

A divorce is an overwhelming prospect for most people even if you believe that you and your spouse are on the same page. Trying to manage things on your own and represent yourself in the proceedings may turn out to be a big mistake that you only realize too late. When you’re considering getting a divorce, it can be helpful to sit down with an experienced lawyer and walk through your options so that you know what to expect if you decide to file.

The right lawyer should take your case seriously and strive to get to know you during an initial consultation. Since divorce is such a personal concern, you need to have an attorney who understands your needs and concerns from the outset. There’s simply too much on the line for your future to leave this up to chance.

When you are going through a divorce, you will have enough to think about and you will most likely be concerned about how key issues, such as child custody and distribution of assets, will influence your own future. You need a lawyer who will work as hard as possible to understand your needs from the outset of your case so that you can focus on helping your family through this difficult transition.

Do not hesitate to get help from a divorce attorney as soon as possible after you decide to get divorced or after you have been served with divorce papers from your former spouse.


When you’re facing a divorce and the many complex issues that come with it, you need help from a law firm with extensive experience helping clients just like you. Divorce is very personal and you should have a lawyer you can trust. The lawyers at DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC understand how divorce can impact you and work hard for the best outcome for you during this challenging and confusing time. Don’t wait to get your divorce questions answered.