Dangers of Third Impact Car Accident Injuries

Dangers of Third Impact Car Accident Injuries

Dangers of Third Impact Car Accident Injuries

What is “Third Impact” in a Car Accident?

Car accidents are fast, jarring, and involve several different types of collisions. In a car accident, there are three kinds of impacts we experience, all of which are different. The first impact comes from when the vehicles involved in the accident collide, stopping or slowing their individual momentums due to the impact. The second impact happens when your body hits your seatbelt, in which your forward momentum stops and saves you from being thrust through your windshield. Then, the third impact occurs, and that impact is one that can be quite dangerous.

The third impact in an accident is the impact that occurs to your organs after you hit your seatbelt. This impact can be serious and your organs can end up severely damaged, which can lead to brutal, and even fatal, symptoms and can make the recovery process challenging. This impact and its injuries are not something that can be lessened like a seatbelt can lessen the injuries you can sustain in the accident, so it’s important that the damage this impact can make be reviewed closely so that Dangers of Third Impact Car Accident Injuriesyou can get the proper care you need as quickly as possible.

After suffering from internal injuries from an accident, call a car accident injury lawyer who can help you figure out what your next step should be after you begin to recover from your accident.

Third Impact Injuries and Their Dangers

The injuries that occur in the “third impact” can be severe, and they can cause a victim to suffer some extreme symptoms as time goes on. Some of these injuries include:

Organ Bruising: When your organs are slammed against your body, they can bruise, just like your skin. These bruises are painful, can make performing tasks difficult, and, if the bruise is large enough, cause damage to your organ. Organ bruising should always be looked at and treated by a medical professional.

Organ Bleeding: When an organ bleeds, a host of issues can end up arising. Organ failure and death, blood loss, lightheadedness, and so much more can happen when an organ is bleeding and is left untreated. This injury is life-threatening and must be treated accordingly by a doctor or surgeon.

Sepsis: When an organ, such as the intestines, experiences bleeding, you can end up with a complication known as sepsis. This dangerous condition, where bacteria infect the bloodstream and lead to severe inflammation, will cause you to become violently ill and eventually die. This must be treated by a doctor immediately and will, more than likely, require a hospital visit. This is one of the most serious complications that can happen after a third impact.

Third impact injuries must be taken seriously, so be sure to discuss your injuries with your doctor after a car accident.

Texas Personal Injury Lawyers Ready to Help You

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