In the first part of this series, we discussed important information regarding what should happen after an accident. The second part of this series is going to debunk a few more common myths about car accidents and help set the record straight.

The police will determine fault.While it’s important to call the police and have an accident report filed, the police won’t actually decide who is at fault for the accident. However, it’s important to not admit fault because this will be put into the report and can be used against you. So ultimately, insurance companies, lawyers, and the court will decide who was at fault for the accident based on provided evidence.

The insurance companies will handle the claim.This is partially true. After being in an accident, you will have to work with an agent from your insurance company to settle any damages. However, this doesn’t mean that everything from the accident will be covered. Furthermore, it’s important to remember that insurance companies don’t always have your best interest in mind and you should be careful when talking to the other driver’s insurance company.

I don’t need to look for a car accident lawyer near me.If you’re asking yourself “Do I need to find a car accident lawyer near me?” chances are you could benefit greatly from hiring a lawyer. While a minor accident may be managed on your own, it’s definitely worth it to hire a lawyer for more serious accidents. When it comes to determining fault, enforcing payment, or gathering evidence for your claim, you may realize finding a lawyer is necessary.

All auto accident injury laws are the same.Unfortunately, not all states have the same auto accident and injury laws. This makes it even more difficult to file a personal injury claim on your own. Because of this, lawyers can be especially helpful. With their extensive knowledge of the law and experience with handling similar cases, a good lawyer will be able to help you navigate the complex world of personal injury law.

There are about six million car accidents every year in the United States. Hopefully, you’ll never be in an accident. But accidents do happen and it’s important to be prepared for anything. In knowing the truth behind these common car accidents you should find yourself better prepared to handle what comes after an accident.

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