Being Injured in a Police Chase

Being Injured in a Police Chase

Being Injured in a Police Chase

When Police Chases Happen

It’s a fair statement to say that police chases have become more common over the past decade than before. With faster cars and bolder criminals, running from police is a gamble more and more people are willing to take with the hopes of leaving their possible criminal charges behind them. When police chases occur, it’s important that the person they are chasing be caught, but ensuring the safety of everyone else on the road is important as well, which is something that is not always considered by those involved in these events

Police chases often pose serious risks to everyone else on the road, bringing with them the chances for serious injury, damages beyond repair, and changes in the lives of someone who is innocent in relation to the chase. There are several ways someone can be injured in a police chase, and the consequences these people must face after these injuries can often be cruel and unfair. If you’ve ever been in such a situation, call a personal injury lawyer to discuss what compensation you may be owed and how to get that compensation.

When You Are the Innocent Victim of a Police Chase Accident

Being injured in a police chase that you have no part in can happen, and it can cause a serious of issues to arise for you. In these situations, you the victim can end up with consequences that are less than ideal, and they can leave you with feelings of anger and frustration as you try to figure out how to pay for an accident and injuries you had no part in. Some of the ways you can be injured in a police chase include:

When you are hit by a police cruiser: Many people who are injured in a police chase are hit by a police cruiser. Police cruisers are often traveling at high speeds and don’t always have their lights and sirens going when they are heading to a chase, meaning that they can come up on a vehicle very quickly with no warning, which can contribute to an accident happening.

Being Injured in a Police ChaseWhen you are hit by the chase subject: When someone runs from the police, they can cause an accident very easily. Civilians running from the police do not have any training when it comes to how to drive on a street filled with obstacles, which means that their fast speeds and lack of training and concern for safety can and will result in an accident that can hurt you.

When you’re hit by a driver oblivious to the chase: Often, we see drivers who are oblivious to the road and conditions around them. If a driver happens upon a police chase and doesn’t react appropriately, (i.e. pull over, stop as police go by, drive cautiously at the sight or sound of sirens) they can end up causing a collision that can involve you. It’s important to always be aware when you’re on the road to help keep these sorts of accidents from happening and to keep everyone around you safe.

Vehicle Injury Lawyers in Texas

When you are injured in a police chase and are innocent in the event, it can cause you to deal with injuries and damages that are unfairly received. This event can greatly change your day to day life and leave you with bills that you cannot pay, which can put you in a dangerous situation that you may not be able to fix alone. After being injured due to a police chase, call the lawyers at DeHoyos & Connolly, PLLC to help you with your case. Our team is ready to help you fight for the compensation you deserve after your accident, and we will be sure that your case is treated with dignity and importance. Call our office today at (832) 767–3568.

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