Are Stop Lights More Respected Than Stop Signs?

Are Stop Lights More Respected Than Stop Signs?

Are Stop Lights More Respected Than Stop Signs?

When Traffic Lights Take the Place of Stop Signs

There are many signs that work to keep us safe while we use the roadways in our cities. These signs can tell us many things: if we need to yield the right of way, whether we need to prepare to stop, whether we need to merge lanes, and if we need to stop for oncoming traffic. These signs help to regulate all traffic, and they allow for us to have order on the roads when followed properly.

Our roadways will have stationary, or basic, signs when they are not heavily traveled. A neighborhood will have simple yield and stop signs, for example, while a major roadway will have traffic lights that will regulate the flow of traffic. In small towns, these major intersections may still only have stop signs, since there is not enough traffic to require a traffic light. When these roads become more populated, though, a traffic light will be installed.

Despite these signs and lights, many drivers do not follow their commends, which can and will cause accidents to occur. One traffic command in particular that is often ignored is the “stop” command. Whether it is a sign or a light, many drivers will choose to drive through the intersection these signs protect without stopping, which can cause some serious issues for others on the road. When these commands are ignored, people are hurt, and that will lead to medical expenses, visits to injury lawyers, and court dates that will seek to

Is a Stop Sign or a Traffic Light Run More Often?

Since there is a difference in where a traffic light and a stop sign are located, it can be inferred that one of these traffic “signs” may be ignored more often than another. Unfortunately, there are no definitive numbers to compare side by side to test this theory, but there are some factors that may help support this thought.

For instance, stop signs are typically located in areas of lower traffic. This is not to say that stop signs can’t be located at an intersection that has multiple lanes and many vehicles, but more often than not, they are located in places where traffic is not constantly flowing. Due to this factor, stop signs have less witnesses around them, meaning that a driver may be more inclined to run a stop sign where less people may see them versus a traffic light where many people will see the infraction.

Stop lights are also often monitored with cameras, which means that any infractions that happen at these lights will be caught on film. Many of these cameras even take pictures of those who run red lights, meaning that someone who will run a red light will definitely get a ticket and bill in the mail. For many, this possibility alone is not worth the time they may save by running the red light, and so they will choose to wait at the light instead of hoping they won’t be caught.

Many states will fine a driver the same amount no matter what “sign” they run, which can help deter drivers from running one sign over another. Still, this does not deter every driver from running a stop sign. These drivers, unfortunately, will not learn their lesson until they hurt themselves or another in an accident, and only when they are faced with hefty medical and lawyer fees will they decide to not run these traffic signs.

Texas Lawyers Representing Traffic Accident Victims

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